Will he back? James Cameron and Termination of a Grant of Rights

While the Terminator is now one of the most recognizable film characters, this success was hard to predict when the first film in the Terminator franchise was being produced. Thus, James Cameron is reported to have sold his rights to the Terminator to the producer Gale Anne Hurd for a single dollar on the condition that he will be the director of the film. James Cameron left the franchise after directing the first two films and was no longer able to directly influence the creation of the sequel films, having no rights to the franchise, which some say negatively impacted the quality of the later Terminator movies.

Not all hope is lost for the fans of the original two Terminator movies. Under U.S. copyright law, unless a work was made for hire, such as by an employee in the scope of his or her employment, an author of the work can, appropriately enough, terminate an earlier grant of rights to the work after a certain number of years (35-40 years, depending on whether the right to publication was included in the grant). The time for James Cameron to terminate the grant of rights to the franchise that he made back in the 1980s is coming up in 2019. If Mr. Cameron chooses to exercise his right and take control of the future production, then the Terminator may indeed be back.