Left Shark, the Star of the Superbowl!

As a Seattlelite, I am trying to move on from the dreaded Super Bowl XLIX, featuring my favorite team, the Seahawks. However, some headlines from the game linger. No, not the last play. No, not another win by the Patriots.

Two months after the Superbowl, we are still hearing about “Left Shark,” one of the back-up dancers during Katy Perry’s halftime performance. Left shark danced alongside Katy Perry with Right Shark, but appeared to stray from the choreography and at times seemed uncomfortable and awkward on stage. Due to his interesting performance, the hashtag #leftshark immediately began trending and SB Nation even jokingly declared Left Shark, the MVP of the Superbowl. On February 6, 2015, Katy Perry, company Killer Queen applied for the word mark “Left Shark” for use on cell phone covers, stickers, mugs, shirts, and toys, as well as for live performances. Trademark applications were also filed for the phrases “Right Shark,” “Drunk Shark,” and “Basking Shark,” and front and side views of a shark.


Since the fast rise of Left Shark, Katy Perry appears to have been busy enforcing her intellectual property rights and working to market Left Shark merchandise. Through her lawyer, at least one cease and desist letter was sent, to Fernando Sosa, who offered for sale, a 3-D printed sculpture of a shark, shortly after the Superbowl. Also, earlier this month, Katy Perry announced that all Left Shark fans can purchase a #LeftShark onsie for $129.99. Left Shark, I hope to see more of you in the future! You’ll always be my favorite memory from Superbowl XLIX (since the Seahawks didn’t win!).